Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Planet Antares Is A SCAM – Avoid Them.

Planet Antares Inc headed by Mr Dana Bashor is engaged in manufacturing vending machines and are selling them across United States and Canada. The company has a long history of getting involved in one or the other issues. With passage of time and coming up on new technology, the company has lost its lusture as they have sticked to old and out dated vending machine technology. If you know a little about Planet Antares, then you must be aware of One Million Dollar penalty on the company by Federal Trade Commission. The company, earlier by name of Antares Corporation, was charged and fined for wrongly representing the potential of vending business. They were found guilty of luring people into vending machine business by misrepresenting the business potential.

Over the period of time, Planet Antares has spread its sales network across many states. They are known to conduct seminars – popularly known as Financial Freedom Conferences or Wealth Builder Conferences to attract entrepreneurs to start up vending business by investing in Planet Antares vending machines.

The irony is that the vending machine by Planet Antares is not actually manufactured by them. They are procured at cheap prices from Asia and are sold off in the west for exorbitant prices. If we browse internet we can find many operators complaining about poor technical support provided by the company. Moreover, the vending machines have been reported to fail in initial few months of installation. This can result in loosing vending business contracts. One may find newly bought Planet Antares vending machines on resale at various online shops. This could be a reason of failed business or faulty machines.

There are also number of online websites and communities that have highlighted the cons of Planet Antares Inc. Here are few of them.

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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Planet Antares Scam Tips To Avoid Vending Frauds

Never be under the impression that vending is a source of making easy money. No doubt once set up on the right track, vending generates good revenues but initially just like any other business, vending machine business also requires a lot of hard work and planning for its success. Planet Antares Scam alert mentions that not all vending machine companies are honest. Some of these companies misguide newbie’s by their false commitments and promises and somehow convince them to purchase wrong kind of machines. Such companies mostly sell refurbished vending machines after repairing them a bit.

You might have come across a lot of hoardings or advertisements stating that you can make easy money with almost little or zero efforts. This is definitely a misnomer. How can you avoid such scams? Here are some tips by Planet Antares Operators to avoid such scams.
  • Read small print mentioned below their ads. Sometimes it is stated that machines are bought at sole discretion of buyer. Thus they shoulder entire risk on you.
  • Wherever possible, try to take expert guidance. Maybe some friend in vending industry can help you with that. Or ask the vending company to provide few numbers of operators in your area.
  • Never get mislead by fraudsters and invest huge money. If you are new to this profession, start on a small scale with few machines and gradually expand over a period of time.
  • Always buy new vending machines. Do not buy old/ refurbished vending machines.
Do not let yourself become a victim of vending machine scam. Trust in vending machine company that is there since years.


Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Benefits Of Planet Antares Vending Business

In the past few years, there has been tremendous increase in demand for vending machines. More and more number of young and enthusiastic entrepreneurs are taking up this business with a view to make huge profits. What makes this business so popular among the entrepreneurs? The answer is quite simple- “Benefits of vending business”. Now let us look at some of these benefits:
  • Instant cash flow: This is one of the few businesses that generate revenue right form the moment you place your machine. One of the main benefits of vending business is that your cash flow starts from day one.
  • Complete cash business: This is an all cash business which means that there is no scope for bad debts and collection issues.
  • Flexible working hours: Another amazing benefit is that regardless of what you do during the day, your machine works for you 24/7. As your machine takes care of sales, you need not worry about their supervision, training or motivation.
  • High return on investment: The main purpose of any investment is to make money. This business provides you with high profit margins and greater return on investment. What else would you look for as an investor?
  • Perfect business opportunity: No boss, No set working hours, No employees, No paper work and No territory limitations. Is this not interesting?
  • Part time or full time: This business gives you the unique advantage of continuing with your main occupation and take up vending as a part time activity. In this way, you would be able to make additional income. However, if this work out well, then you can take up this business on a full time basis.
  • No employee issues: You need not worry about recruiting, training and supervising sales staff as this business does not require any employees. Your machines are your sales force that does not require any supervision.
I am sure that after going through the list of benefits stated below, most of us would be inspired to start our own vending machine business. To get a detailed insight into this business get in touch with Planet Antares staff now!

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Friday, April 23, 2010

What Should Planet Antares Vending Operators Consider While Starting a Business?

The comfort, convenience and instant services offered by Planet Antares vending machines are driving more and more operators towards them. In order to become successful, operators need to offer products and services that meet customer requirements and expectations. The key elements of marketing mix are products, price, place and promotion. The first and foremost priority is given to product. Since the success or failure of your business is greatly influenced by the kind of products you offer.

What is that customers want? This is the most important question which every operator needs to ask him before taking up a vending business.
  • Your Target Audience: Who is your target customer? Depending on your customers, the choice of your product would vary. In case you are targeting children, you can offer toys, candy, chocolates, ice cream, snacks, video games and similar products. On the other hand if you are targeting youngsters or business class, you can offer snacks, newspaper, healthy food items etc.
  • Tastes and preferences: The product you offer is also influenced by the tastes and preferences of your target audience. For instance: Youngsters would love to try almost every new product that is introduced in the market. On the other hand children generally get carried away by bright and attractive products.
  • Competitors: Operators also need to consider their competitors before offering a product. Are there any existing operators in your locality? If yes, which products do they usually offer? How are its sales? All these aspects also need to be considered by the operator before finalizing on one product.
  • Location: Location is key factor that can either make or break your business. It is imperative that operators need to locate their machines in areas with huge customer foot fall. However, this customer traffic needs to be similar to their target audience. Or else there is no point in installing your machine in offices when you are vending chocolates.
  • Kind of machine used: Some products are perfectly suitable for particular kind of vending machine. There are various models of vending machines available in the market. Some of which are designed exclusively keeping children or youngsters in mind. So depending on the product you offer and customers you target purchase an appropriate vending machine.
  • Financial ability: Besides all other aspects financial ability is crucial for starting any business for that matter. Right from the choice of product to the kind of machine and the location you would like to install it, all depend upon your financial ability.
Hope these facts would be of great help to all those upcoming entrepreneurs who are keen on taking up a vending business.

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Various Vending Machine Models – Planet Antares

Vending has been in existence for quite sometime now but lot has changed in this industry. These machines which were initially used for dispensing limited number of products are now able to dispense wide variety of products. Thanks to latest technology which has made all this possible.

As number of customers and operators using vending machines is growing, several models of machines available in various shapes, sizes and colors are being introduced into the market. However, vending machines can be broadly classified into two kinds: machines running using electricity and machines run using mechanical motion. Both these machines come in various shapes, sizes, models, colors and varying prices. However, the most common type of vending machines which we usually encounter is snack and soda vending machines.

The design of these is customised and varies depending on the products that are offered in them. The make of few machines is done keeping in view its target audience. For instance: vending machines targeting kids are usually very attractive and come with animations and other sound effects that can grab children attention quite easily.

Customised vending is also gaining popularity these days as more and more customers are switching towards using vending machines. Unique machines are being developed that fulfil your day to day needs. These machines can be used for vend a variety of products like DVD’s, CD’s, tickets, computer equipment, cameras, stamps and stationery. The most ideal place for locating these machines are super markets, shopping malls and retail stores with huge customer foot fall.

Another kind of vending machine that helps you earn huge profits is the popcorn, ice cream, bottled water and deli food vending machine from Planet Antares. Though these machines are occasionally seen, they still have a huge business potential. Cigarette vending machine is commonly seen in public places but these days due to restrictions on public smoking, they are being carefully located.

So, it is for the operator to decide on which machine he would like to start his business with.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Where Should You Purchase Planet Antares Vending Machines

Selecting the right vending machine is not as simple as it may look to be. With increasing demand for vending business, more and more varieties of vending machines are being introduced in to the market. Hence operators need to be very vigilant before purchasing a new machine. It is advisable that operators need to look at various available options and compare them with each other before purchasing new vending machines.

More over buying a new machine is always a wise decision because these machines come with latest and attractive features capable of drawing customer attention and at the same time create impulsive buying in them. Another advantage of purchasing reputed company machines like those from Planet Antares is that these companies ensure best quality products at reasonable prices.

Starting a vending business is easy if only you are able to choose the right kind of vending program. This of course is dependent on how much you are can invest and how many machines you would like to purchase. Since you are a novice to this industry, it is ideal to begin with one or two machines. Once your business takes off, start expanding it by adding more number of machines to the existing ones.

New and branded machines would be best to have in your business or office. These are of high quality and can never let you down. You have different machines that can sell a variety of products like snacks, soda, confectionery, ice creams and food items. Latest vending machines also have high capacity which means that they can accommodate wide variety of products. The most ideal locations for placing vending machines are shopping malls, offices, schools and other places with high customer traffic.

New vending machines purchased from reputed companies will not let you down. Preventing break downs or downtime is very important for an operator as downtime can make you loose money. Downtime refers to the time when a vending machine is out of order. During this time customers will be unable to use your machine thereby affecting your sales. And if this problem persists for a long time, it would adversely affect your sales. Frequent break downs can be prevented by proper maintenance and timely servicing of the machine. Hence always go for new machines.

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Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tips for Running Vending Business Successfully- Planet Antares

The very idea of taking up a vending business is in itself your first step towards prosperity. This does not mean that vending does not require any efforts and generates high profits just like that. Just like any other business, vending also requires operators to put in a lot of hard work and dedication.

If you are a full time employee looking for some additional source of income, vending business is ideal for you. To begin with you can start with one or two machines and after you have acquired sufficient experience, you can add new machine or new vending route and thus expand your business.

However, there are three things that can either make or break your business. These are location of vending machine, kind of vending machines purchased and initial investment or capital required. Why is vending location so important? Vending is a customer oriented business and unless your machine is easily accessible to customers you may not be able to generate revenue.

Nowadays a wide variety of vending machines are designed exclusively for dispensing specific products. Hence the kind of machine you purchase would definitely impact your business. Lastly finance is what is required for all these things to happen. The kind of products you dispense, the location you install them and the machines you use in this process are all dependent on the amount of money you are willing to invest in establishing this business.

Whether the vending business you have started can make profits or not depends on the extent of ground work you have done before taking up thus business. If you follow adopt a more organised method for starting this business, the chances for your success are definitely very high. Paying attention to these vital factors would only contribute to your success.

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